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This isn't your standard coaching programme...
We are the industry leading programme for  Children's Activity Professionals 

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for children's activity professional's  who have been in business for 12 months or less, or just getting ready to launch the business of their dreams

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for children's activity professionals earning less than £7k a month and build solid foundations within their buisness

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for children's activity professionals earning over £85k per annum and want to build wealth and begin to work on their legacy

"We are committed to elevating the
standard of children’s activity 
professionals across the UK through creating community, teaching industry leading strategies and helping our members activate what we learn."

Ben Anderson

Founder & Director

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Like many Children's Activity Professional's out there, our businesses are often born out of something that once began as a passion or a hobby for us from when we were younger rather than a dream to be an entrepreneur. 

proudly introducing 
The Academy of Children's Activity Professionals

Transform your passion into a profitable and scalable business, one that impacts and makes a real difference to you and your members.

 We are committed to elevating the standard of children's activity professionals across the UK through creating community, teaching industry leading strategies and helping your members activate what they learn. As a member of ACAP you will quickly discover the difference in both you and your business as you take a step closer to your own version of success.

Ben Anderson is the award-winning Founder and Director of 7 Academy of Performing Arts, Shropshire’s leading children’s activity provider, and a Motivational Business Coach with a track record of building 7 figure businesses. 


Together with his partner Michael, Ben is the Joint Managing Director of a collection of hospitality and leisure venues across Shropshire.


His mission is to help business owners make money from their children’s activity business without guilt. Ben advises business owners to transform their love and passion into a profitable, scalable empire that impacts, inspires, and makes a real difference. 


When he’s not helping people dream up big possibilities, Ben can be found exploring new cities and belting Kylie Minogue from the rooftops!

"We created the Academy of Children's Activity Professionals to provide a much needed community in what can often be a very isolated world that supports and connects those working to impact the lives of those we serve and I personally invite you to join us!" 

Ben Anderson 
Founder & Director 

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what our members say

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"It has been brilliant for myself and the business to become part of ACAP. Apart from the trainings and sharing of great advice for the company, I have found the personal touch and the support by far the biggest asset of being in the programme"

Ava Baron-Thomas 



"As a member of ACAP I find it is weekly reminder that we are not in this alone. Ben’s enthusiasm is infectious and he generally cares about you as a person. He has a creative mind and encourages growth from all his members"

Maxine Hadley 



"ACAP has been great because being a studio owner can be a really lonely world. I would never have purchased my second school if Ben hadn’t told me to go for it! . Just him showing me how to work our figures and number crunching was invaluable!"

Rebecca Flemming


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